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    Compile perdormance after compiling css

    aceinc Level 1
      I thought the feature of allowing the user to change skins would be neat. So I created a folder called styles, and moved a few styles provided with flex builder, and a few from scale nine into the folder and right mouse button clicked on them to compile them. Everything went swimmingly until I needed to compile a module in the app.

      It now will take between 3 & 5 (and longer) minutes to compile the application. It spends most of it's time "Building Workspace" at or around 40%. The CPU ranges around 15-20% of a P4 3.0 ghz Hyperthreading 1.5gb memory computer. The application path is on a server with a 100mbps link that averages about 7-10% utilization while the compile is running.

      This application has one main application and two modules, and a few classes such as SuperPanel, and MaskedTextInput and about 8 css files.

      What can I do to resolve this problem?

      BTW I am a slow typist, and I started a "clean" compile before typing this message, and it is still running.

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          Mitek17 Level 1
          Hi Paul,

          How big is your project?
          Our is around 1 meg (pure text AS + MXML) and it takes 5-6 minutes to recompile it. Even with a small change it takes 2-3 minutes. Mainly it hangs in 60% saying "building workspace".
          When the project reached the size of 0.5Mb installation of a second Gb (total 2Gb) of RAM really helped as JVM size grows bigger then the available physical memory and it starts swapping

          PS I don't understand why the JVM size depends on the number of compilations. It grows from 250Mb to 1.3Gb after every compilation and then stays there at 1.3Gb mark.


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            aceinc Level 1
            I have temporarily resolved the problem. It was two-fold;

            1) I had added the aforementioned css files, so I moved them , and will add them back when I get closer to production,

            2) I had copied a large number of icons (1,200+) into the application path, and even though I was not referencing any of them it slowed the compilation to a crawl. I moved them out, and will add the ones I need as I need them.

            Any explanations on #2 would be appreciated.