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    flash content will not load in IE7

    Michael Rutledge Level 1

      My company standard is IE7
      I'm charged with developing flv that will auto play on PC from a removable thumb drive.
      in addition it should be able to launch a url.
      I'm using CS4 Flash and Dreamweaver
      developing on a Mac.

      I've used action script 3 to program buttons that start, stop and launch url
      I've worked everything out on a Mac.it works fine in Mac environment.

      I've gotten swf files to autoplay on PC


      the PROBLEM?


      when I try load the html web page on the PC with IE7 the flash content (either a swf or flv embedded using Dreamweaver) does not load.

      IF I leave the IE specific html in the code IE7 returns a message that flash player needs to update. - IT has installed the latest version of flash player.


      if I extract the sniffer/alternative code the flash content does not load there is no message


      If the swf file auto loads and plays then Why is that a problem?


      action script -  to launch url execution launches as a security warning and the trusted settings window
      not very seamless eh?
      so the alternative is to play the flash content embedded in html and create launch url button in html . . . but ofcourse flash content won't load in IE7.

      I've not been able to test the code on any other version of IE


      I hope this is enough information to help if not let me know what you need to know . . .
      thanks in advance for any time you all spend on this.


      To the moderator I apologize for an earlier "test" post I was unaware nay ignorant of a test forum . . .