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    charting / custom plot chart advice?

      Hi, I'm trying to build a customized chart in Flex that might be a bit over my current skill level so I was hoping I could get a tip how to approach this. Essentially it will be a plot chart with an associated data table. The plot chart will have only one series of data but each point on the chart shall indicate a range. Instead of having two dots on the chart (2 series) that indicate the lower and higher bound, I want to have, in essence, two dots that are joined by a wide long bar. If that's too hard I might go for just a thick bar going from lower bound to upper bound. I believe this should be done with just one data series indicating the upper and lower value because both values really belong together. The user would click anywhere on that bar to select it. So there is only one item to interact with per point and therefore there is also only tooltip for both. The bars are not evenly spaced out but based on date information, so I'd use a Data-Time axis horizontally and a regular linear axis vertically.

      I believe the right way to build this is a custom renderer for the actual datapoint and that's where I was looking for a tip/advice. Is that hard to do? Is there some classes that I can tweak into doing that for me without writing custom components or such?

      The other thing I want to achieve (after I solved this one) is to have a data grid associated with the chart. When one data item is clicked in the chart, the corresponding row in the table gets highlighted, and vice versa, if the user clicks a row in the table, the corresponding chart item is highlighted. I think that's doable too, it's just a bit tricky with how the events are flying around I think. But, as I said, first I need to figure out the chart.

      If anybody has some advice how I should approach that I sure would appreciate it. I experimented around with Bubble charts over a category axis for a while but I think it really should be done with a plot chart over a time axis and maybe a custom renderer for the data point.

      Thanks a bunch!