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    Illustrator is defaulting to the Documents folder when I update links...


      This problem is really frustrating!!   It seems to be that Illustrator is not remembering my recent locations for linked files.  It remembers my last saved location for the file itself, but everytime I have to update a link it defaults back to the "Documents" folder, leaving me to navigate to my linked files everytime.  And that happens a lot since we use linked illustrator files in a master setup file for our production workflow.  This is slowing me down considerably and I'm running out of patience.    I've tried the typical prefs-trashing and relinking, and permission repairing and still haven't found a solution.   If anyone can help me I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!   Thanks to anyone who can help me shed light on my situation...



      System Specs:


      Illustrator CS4

      Power Mac G5 with dual 2G processors

      6GB RAM

      OS 10.4.11


      (This computer has only recently started having this problem, no new software installs either. Just one day it starting doing this out of the blue)