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    How to monitor a specify folder


      Hi all,


      I am a newbie in script. Anyone can show me how a script can continuously monitor a specify folder. When file(s) appear on it, CS will process it with predefine action and save to another folder and delete original file(s). Both input and output folders are fix and on intranet. Thanks for any input.

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          Hi chingkitman,

          Does it have to be done by CS? Do you use Macs or PCs?


          It just occurred to me that configuring folder actions in OSX could be useful, I mean- you could set up a folder to run a script on any file that is dropped in to it. If you 'right' click on a folder in OSX you get folder actions in the menu.


          Not done this myself for years but if I remember rightly you can use a tiny amount of AppleScript, just enough to trigger your CS script. It's not quite that straight-forward but I won't go in to detail as this may not be apppropriate solution for you anyway!


          There may also be even easier ways to do what you would like to do but I'm no scripting guru, just trying to be helpful.


          Good Luck,


          Tom B

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            Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

            Should you not be on the Mac OS then you could also take a look at Bridge's 'scheduleTask()' function (if you have Bridge that is?) you could call a photoshop script that processes files in a given directory, set the delay and repeat to true. It might not be quite as instant as the Mac Folder Action Script but could provide you with a 'watched' folder solution… Not had the opportunity to test it for myself just yet but looks promising… Anybody already using this?