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    Streamed audio coming out too fast


      (flash cs4)

      I'm working on a short movie, I'm not even 3 minutes in, and I'm already having audio problems.

      Everything in the timeline syncs perfectly  up until a certain point (about 1000 frames in) where sounds come out about 40 frames too early. I've made plenty of movies with over 2000 frames in a scene, and I've had no problems before.

      I tried putting the part where it got out of sync in a new scene, but there still is problems with the sync - It's still coming out too early. the sound just crosses over into the next scene.

      I've tried setting the sounds to event and start, and it only makes things worse.

      I've already been forced to make all of my sounds .AIFF type, because when I make them .mp3, the first second of audio in each clip gets cut upon import (even when the audio is perfectly recorded).

      I have a very fast computer, so it can't be an issue with processing.