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    Embedded SWF very slow to load in browser

    ShirleyW75207 Level 1

      I have placed a swf slide show in Flash catalyst about 500k the problem is when I playback in the browser the embedded swf file displays long after the rest of the website has loaded and built. It works fine after I refresh and the file is loaded in the Cache.. but makes for a poor user experience when viewing for the first time, First impressions count.

      If I place the 500k swf in Dreamweaver it loads almost instantly from the remote server.

      For some reason Flash catalyst has a difficult time decoding and playing.

      The flash file was built in CS5 default settings.

      Any help on having the swf load first or process faster would be great.

      I know that file size is a issue but 500k is not that much.

      Heres the url.
      Thanks Curtis