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    Fireworks CS4 An internal Error has occurred


      We have an Educational Site License for Adobe CS4 Design Premium. I have been trying to get Fireworks to Run on Windows 7 32bit and Windows XP SP3. Every time I launch it, it gets so far and then says "an internal error has occurred".


      I can Launch Flash, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver with no issues.


      I have been doing some research and it seems to be linked with Fireworks CS4's inability to handle Fonts. We have been running Adobe products for 20 years now and I STILL can't believe that they continue to have Font Issues.


      We also have Adobe CS5 but just the Design Standard and in that case Photoshop won't launch with the same error so I am guessing again Fonts.


      The thing is we do Desktop Publishing and have 3000 fonts. There is NO way I can figure out what Font is causing the issue.


      Is there a fix for this yet?


      You would think that if Adobe can charge such high prices that they would at least guarantee that their software is going to actually RUN.


      Thank You.