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    A Thought for This Forum

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      We are blessed to have several great articles by Harm Millaard. I have most, if not all, bookmarked and add those links to posts here, and in other fora. I am sure that other "regulars" do similar - matter of fact, I know several who do.


      Wonder if it's possible to provide them as stickies, or similar, maybe a "Resource Central" from the top of the page? We have a little FAQ area now, but I feel that many would be immediately helped, if they had those articles to read first.


      Perhaps a note along with the Search the Forum line, to the effect, "See ALL articles by Harm Millaard first."


      We can "bump" Harm's articles, but that is clunky and it does not take too long, before they would slip back down the list.


      Just thinking of how we can get those ever so useful assets into more hands, before they post the "what do I need to build" articles. There are many specific posts, where they might not cover things well enough.




      PS - if this gets moved to the Lounge, I understand, but as I thought that it applied here most of all, posted it here to start.

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          Baz R Level 3

          Bill, Yes I do the same.


          and your idea is very good.





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            Editor Naama Level 1

            I agree!


            Who's in charge of that?

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              Mortimer IOU Level 2

              Bill --


              The more we can lead users to the most informative links before they post, the better for everyone, so I welcome your thought on this.


              By "stickies" do you mean at the top of the Hardware Forum discussion list? If so, since there are a number of useful threads that could be on the list, that might get rather long. An alternative is to have a box of links on the right, maybe labeled something like "Top hardware links" or "What you need to know about new hardware" or some such and put the best ones there. Nominations from the users here are welcome. A dropdown box as for the help resources on http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/premierepro_current is a possibility.


              One thing to always keep in mind is that not all posters bother to look around the forum before stating their issue, and there is not much we can do to solve that problem.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Because of the spatial considerations of the Hardware Forum header, I like the "Useful Links," or similar. The PrE forum has a "rotating" header message, and one can click to see them all, but many miss that, and will often not realize that the message might have changed, from the last time that they went back to the Articles List. They also do not see the little numbers (rather like what one gets with multi-page Article Lists (All of ours are multi-page) and those slightly different numbers do not seem to catch their attention.


                One good thing (IMHO) with the PrElements sub-forum is the Tips & Tricks sub-sub-forum, right above the FAQ's sub-sub-forum. This is a repository for, well "Tips & Tricks," and is something that I use often. In my case, it groups useful articles for easy linking, but also provides a user with tons of useful articles on doing so many different things, from h'ware setup to Keyframing, or Menu Set editing. I could see something like that, with all of Harm's and others' fine articles moved there. Then, with a banner, or similar, folk could be directed there. It would also allow us to rapidly find all of those great and useful articles for linking. Actually, I have done linking articles to most of Harm's contributions in the PrE Tips & Tricks sub-sub-forum, as they apply to PrE in most cases.


                Just thinking here,



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                  Mortimer IOU Level 2

                  I have made some changes to the Hardware Forum front page. At the top I modified the announcement to take out the part that addresses how to use Premiere, and therefore is not directly hardware-related. Then I added the dropdown with a number of very informative hardware links that, hopefully, will attract the attention of posters before they pose a question. We'll see how well that works. I am not an optimist in this regard but hope to be proven wrong.


                  Finally, I removed all the links that were on the right side, which, again, addressed how to use Premiere but not hardware issues per se.


                  Please note that this, as in all things on the forums, is a work in progress, and can always be changed so as to best serve Pr users and probably will be at some point.