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    Not good support of Adobe!!

    giannis72str Level 1

      I recently asked Adobe to suggest a way to me in order to purchase Adobe Dynamic Link separately and with the whole package of Premium Suite.

      There are thousands of clients that bought Adobe Premier because that's what they needed at the the time they bought it and after, let's say six months, they decided to start working with After Effects, so they purchased After Effects too. They might already had Photoshop. So thes clients (like me)own Photoshop, Premier, After Effects and many other Adobe products like Media Encoder, Adobe Encore e.t.c., but they don't own Dynamic Link because they didn't purchased the Premium Package. For examble I have everything except from Soundbooth and Dynamik Link. I will purchase Soundbooth but I cannot buy Dynamic Link because it is given only if you buy the Premium Package. So I have to pay again for buying all the products which I already own and have paid for them.They cannot give it away by itself. That is not good and it is very bad support fot those thousands of clients that purchased the products one at the time.


      Here is their response.......


      Notes from Customer

      Friday, June 25, 2010 7:57:45 AM PDT
      I see......
      You are telling me (I am referring to the company and not you personally of course) to purchase the Adobe suite Premium package, alt
      hough I have already purchased all the programs it contains except from Dynamic Link and Soundbouth. That is to pay twice for produc
      ts I have already bought from your site. That's not a very good proposition.
      Thanks anyway. Maybe I made a mistake choosing Adobe products.
      The problem is I cannot return the softwares in order to get the premium package.
      I am a client who has purchased a lot of products from Adobe, so try to find a way so I can have Dynamic Link. Otherwise I will have
      to report this to the Internet, because I am sure that there are many clients that bought one product first and after sometime an o
      ther, without buying the whole package from the beginning. So, if you would like to offer good service, you have to find a solution
      for these clients too.

      Notes to Customer

      Thursday, June 24, 2010 12:51:33 PM PDT


      Thank you for contacting Adobe Customer Service.


      We value you as an Adobe customer and for that we would like to inform
      you that Dynamic Link can only be found at Production Premium and Master
      Collection software we do not have a Point Product( Single) of a Dynamic


      For a discount. please send us the proof of purchase for the to After
      Effects cs4 so we can properly review your concern.


      For future concerns, please log on to www.adobe.com/go/supportportal or
      should you have any more concern pls call Customer Service 30
      2109717016 7 days a week 5am-7pm.


      Thank you,


      Chad M.
      Adobe Customer Service

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          shooternz Level 6

          ...and what would be the cost to you of an Upgrade from any single one of the components you already have

          to the Pemium Suite.


          My guess is that there would be an upgrade path (and price).

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            The message from Adobe is pretty clear, as is their website. So what is your problem? You made the wrong decision? You did not read the features and limitations? This is pretty good support from Adobe.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I owned PS, AI, InDesign, Audition, GoLive, Acrobat Pro, PageMaker, Streamline, Type Align and several other programs, when I wanted PrPro and En, plus AE. I looked around and surveyed the suites. This was a while ago, and ADL had just been introduced for the Production Studio, so I upgraded to that from my AI license. I have not been disappointed, and have additional licenses for PS and Audition now, due to the inclusion of it in the suite, but using the AI license.


              No issues at all. Also, that upgrade price was extremely fair. Other than when I wanted to just upgrade PS to PS-Extended CS4, but could not, as the upgrade path for me is now the full Suite, and no longer for individual programs. I can live with that, though would still like to have some of those individual upgrade paths open to me.


              Sorry that you cannot get the programs, and the interactivity that you desire,



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                giannis72str Level 1

                You meen that if someone purchased some Adobe programs separately, because that's what he needed at that time, he can update somehow and obtain the Premium Suite (Dynamic Link included)?

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Go to the Adobe web site and read the update requirements for the suite of your choice


                  Adobe does offer a reduced upgrade price to go from single product to suite products


                  You may NOT go from a suite of products to a single product at a reduced price

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Yes, that was an upgrade path to me. Now, this IS a "one-way street," but with individual, qualifying licenses, there are several "suite" (that could also be listed as "sweet," but that is MHO) upgrades available. With most (perhaps all? Will be listed in the specs., so check) of these suites, one will get ADL, probably Soundbooth, Encore and On-Location, plus other products. This will differ by suite.


                    Now, it does mean that one ends up with a few programs, that might already be in the stable, but the very latest versions. I cannot recall the exact price to upgrade, using my AI stand-alone license, but it seems that the full CS2 Production Studio suite cost me about US$1400. In that, I got PrPro, Encore and AfterEffects, which I did not already have, plus upgrades for PS and AI. I did the math on what it would have cost me to upgrade all my individual Adobe programs, and it worked out to AfterEffects being free. Not a bad deal by my calculations.


                    Now that I HAVE done that upgrade to the suite, I cannot go back and upgrade just individual products. That came as a surprise to me, but I'm sure that it's spelled out in the fine-print, you know that 1pt. type, that no one reads carefully?


                    Good luck, and I hope that one of the suites will work for you perfectly. If you are thinking of upgrading any individual products, please check out the suites carefully, as you will likely save $, or at least get something new in the bargain.