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    Premiere CS5 Crashing every 5 to 7 minutes on Mac Pro

    Dimitri Vorontzov Level 1

      Hi Forum,


      I know it's been asked by many people before, but the situation described by other editors for some reason seems a little different than in their cases, so I need to ask my own question.


      I work with video/audio files recorded using Canon 5D Mark II camera. After I launch the project I wait a few minutes until the software loads all media. Due to the job requirements I have to have all footage placed in a sequence on the timeline. I scrub through the timeline selecting the good shots. I save the project about once a minute as per client request. I copy some of the clips to the clipboard and paste them to different sequences. 


      From what I could observe, the software crashes in four situations:


      – sometimes while or immediately after I paste the clip into a different sequence;


      – sometimes when I just begin scrubbing through a new clip after I deleted a small portion of the previous clip;


      – sometimes when I save, usually after deleting a small portion of a clip (in that case the save bar freezes and if I'm fast I can prevent the crash bu canceling the save);


      – and sometimes when I extend or shorten a clip with a Trim tool, after I used the Razor tool on a clip.


      In all cases I get the rainbow ball first and then the software crashes.


      All cases seem to have one thing in common: they all occur after I do something to the clip, on the next action. Maybe this information is not relevant though, correlation doesn't imply causation.


      Is there a doctor in the house who could help diagnose the patient?


      Would be grateful for your help, as always.


      Best regards,


      Dimitri Vorontzov