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    urgent user blocked from publishing file

      a client of mine uses contribute to edit their website. I had to make changes to the website, so I went in and did the changes. Now the client says that they are blocked out by MY name.

      Does anyone have any clue how to fix this??? I have never used contribute. I didn't even use it for this website edit. I just used dreamweaver to make the changes to the css and to the layout of the website.... did i really screw it up?
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          You didn't screw up....

          It's just that Dreamweaver and Contribute can work together in managing the content of a website. My guess is that by edting the files through Dreamweaver and uploading them to the server, you didn't 'check in' the files. This means that there are probably .lck files on your server that are related to the files you edited through Dreamweaver. These .lck files mean that the files are 'locked' for editing by anyone else but you.

          You can do two things to solve this.

          When you set up Dreamweaver to work with Contribute, you can use the Check In option. By checking in the files you edited, you will remove the .lck files. When you check the files out to edit again, there will be new .lck files created, that will be removed after checking in again.

          - You can do this by going in the main menu to: Site, Manage Sites, Pick the right site and click Edit
          - Click on Contribute at the bottom of the list and enable Contribute compatability

          If you don't want to do this you can manually remove the .lck files by using a ftp-program or the ftp-functionality of Dreamweaver.

          I would recommend the first option when you and your client work together on this site regularly.