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    minimal performace improvement with GTX 480

    timodano Level 1

      Just wanted to see if anyone was getting reasonable mercury acceleration with the nvidia GTX 480 and hack.  I notice that i get yellow bars even before i apply any effects to a single video layer (mainly working with AVCHD or video from a Canon 5d mkii).  Any effect automatically turns the bar red.  Maybe the codec is just too hard for CS5 to work with but i was hoping with a high-end machine I would be able to do more.


      I have the updated nvidia driver 257.21 and followed the hack instructions. The strange thing was that under step 5 of the hack instructions "under "Manage 3D Settings", Click "Add" and browse to your  Premiere CS5  install directory and select the executable file: "Adobe  Premiere  Pro.exe"", It only had premiere CS4 listed.  In any case, it allowed me to activate mercury in the CS5 preferences.  I remember reading that most people were getting 3 layers with effects (and one person even claimed 11 layers.)  I wondering if i am missing something.  Here are my system specs.


      Windows 7 64 bits

      CS5 (full version no previous versions installed)

      i7-980x (oc'd to 3.9)

      GTX 480

      12g 1600 ram


          raid 0 SSD boot/program

          raid 0 scratch

          raid 3 (4 disk) data/video disks

          single output disk.