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    Critical problem with font embedding



      I'm using a PDF generator which is basically a report.

      The PDF generator is running under a webservice (regular IIS on windows server 2008).

      The PDF document renderer is in FontEmbedding.Always mode and Unicode

      So basically we expect that all used fonts will be embedded and it will be possible to open and read the document on any OS language.

      The fonts we use are:

      Font.Name = "Tahoma"

      Font.Name = "Verdava"


      For some reason we are getting some errors, sometimes, when the

      PDF generator is running on windows server 2008 in German\Germany regional settings.

      The client machine is running on windows XP en\US or windows 7 dutch\NE



      The PDF document is created but when we try to open it we are getting the following error (using Adobe Reader 9):


      Cannot extract the embedded font 'DWKUZM+Tahoma'. Some characters may not display or print correctly.


      and when  I click OK, I get the next message


      Insufficient data for an image.



      The strange thing is that when we run the same process, including the same infomration, on windows server 2008 in en\US regional settings, we are not having any issue.


      Any assistance or guidance will be much appreciated.