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    Very, Very, Very, Very, Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have looked and posted in newsgroups, discussion forums, chats, and read endless articles. I also bought the only good book I could find (there does not seem to be that many in release yet). However I am either looking in the wrong place or asking for something that is seemingly impossible. I know it could be done in the previous version of AS 2.0. Is the new version of AS 3.0 so complex and undocumented that no one can help me, or at the very least point me in the right direction. I have sat and watched in all the previous mentioned place as other peoples questions some much more complex than my own are answered by not just one but like 16 different people. Why can I not get help? Here is my question yet again (I have given up hope of getting an actual response anywhere):

      I know the basics of flash, but the the new AS 3.0 is completely new to me and I cannot seem to find good documentation on it. What I need to do is simple I am sure. Basically I need to be able to take the value of a URL string like:


      and use it to get the video to be played back in the FLV 9.0 player that comes with Flash CS3. Is there a simple way to load this value dynamically into the player. If so, how? Any help is most appreciated. I have looked through the post here for help and documentation elsewhere but none of it seems to cover what I looking for, or is for the older player in 8.0 using AS 2.0.

      Thanks in Advance,
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          clbeech Level 3
          First, I know literally nothing about CS3, and am still working in AS2, however I can hardly believe that Adobe would ship the product without a great deal of documnetation, probably more than you will ever have an opportunity to read. I have been working with Flash for not quite two years now and have not completed reading anywhere near everything within the Help Language reference documentation. So I would suggest opening up those files, I keep the Help window in a panel available at all times for quick reference, and I am certain that least as much information is contained within the latest release.

          But here is a couple of references I found for you, I hope that you find the rest of the info in the related area useful as well, good luck: HERE and HERE

          EDIT: PS. 'contentPath' parameter
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            the loaderInfo property of your main timeline has a parameter property which is an object that contains the name/value pairs in your query string.
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              DaBrainz Level 1
              Thanks for the replies, and I really mean that.. I am looking at the suggested info. I know php, asp, mssql, mysql, but I am a total idiot with AS any version so bare with me. Again thanks for the replies. Every little bit helps, and anything else helps more... :). So keep the replies coming if you have any addition suggestions, or info.