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    Need help to disable Flash 10.1 Hardware Acceleration!


      Ok, this is the situation. I have an older laptop with a defective graphics card. As this machine is only used for college work and the occasional websurfing, including youtube, this was not a problem. Til you released this version of Flash Player.


      As with anything asking for hardware acceleration, when it starts the entire macine freezes. Not BSOD, actually lock up can do nothing until i remove the battery freezes. So I need a way to disable the HW acceleration without going to a flash page.


      I must say, i find the fact it automatically turns this feature on, without asking the user if this is a)wanted b) useful on the machine in question very disturbing. And I wonder how many other non-HW Acceleration capable laptop users found their laptops suddenly dont work.... Please can you make this an optional feature in future releases, as you do with saving files to the hard drive, for example?