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    Can't download Adobe Acrobat Reader


      I'm using Vista.

      I used to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.2.1 but accidentally deleted 1 of the 3 files on the Uninstall Program. I was still able to open a pdf at that time.

      I've decided to upgrade it but it wasn't completed, it's looking for the installation package, AdbeRdr812_en_US.msi.

      We've tried the System Restore, not successful.. I'm not able to open any pdf at that time anymore.

      Tried to unistall the program, it was still not successful.

      I was able to uninstall the program using Advance System Care.

      Now, I'm trying to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 9, got an error: 1606. Tried to use MS Fixit, still got the same error...

      What happened? Will i still be able to download it?