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    'my rated' feature

      would be useful to trackback colors you've seen

      i'd reccomend to add a section "my rated" where you have the list of colors you've rated sort by rating
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Thanks for the idea! Out of curiosity, how are you using kuler?
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            Beaver82 Level 1
            i use it to find nice colors for interfaces
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              thumbs up for end user favorites list. and if you do make something like that incorporate it in to the API... ("feeling Getty just think about it").

              it can be difficult to track back to a color you liked. I know there's a little bar at the bottom of the kuler site but its faulty ("makes duplicates and or wont save the color all the time") plus there's no way to add more then a hand full on top of no way to reference them out side of the main site ("aka share your favorites with friends").

              I'm not saying copy or steel or anything but, it is OK to learn from others success and failures. I wont name a other site thats like kuler because I know you know who I'm talking about. Any how if it's a lack of ideas go to that "Other Site" and look at the great way they have made a set of community tools. Other wise if it's just that you want to know if the community really wants kuler to add more community functions, well I say why not?

              buy the way I would love to donate time to help develop kuler if ever needed.
              - just ask and I will help.