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    how to reproduce the new brightness & contrast effect from photoshop?




      i've made a composition in photoshop and imported it to AE. among other layers, it had a "brightness and contrast" adjustment layer.

      since photoshop cs4 (i think), the brightness and contrast has changed, and instead of uniformly adjusting the brightness of each pixel, it looks at the whole image and tries to move the brightness of pixels in a more considerate and smart way (i think). anyway its very different.


      thing is, that in AE, the "brightness and contrast" effect stayed the same, so when importing the composition with all the adjustment layers, the image looked completely (disasterously) different.


      in photoshop i've noticed the checkbox "use legacy". when checked, it made the adjustment layer do the same thing it did in AE (which came out horrible). i tried to work on it for an hour to produce an effect even remotely similar to the one i had without the legacy, and gave up.



      is there any way - hidden options, combinations of several adjustment layers, third party plugins - anything, in AE, that could reproduce the new photoshop way of controlling brightness and contrast?





      photoshop and AE both cs5, 64bit, windows