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    Sending multiple variables in chart url

      HI, I have aseries of charts where users can drill down into the data. That's fine.
      The problem is the first graph is based on users form selections, which are used in the chart query as url variables. How do I then pass those variables when I drill down into the chart using cfchart url????
      Hope that's clear. Code below
      <cfquery name="Domicile" datasource="MI" maxrows="20">
      select count([06Student]) as stucount, domicileDesc
      from tbl_StudentRecord, tbl_People, LUtbl_Domicile, LUtbl_FeeStatus, IMPtbl_Programmes
      where tbl_StudentRecord.[06PersonNo] = tbl_People.PersonNo
      and tbl_People.Domicile = LUtbl_Domicile.DomicileCode
      and tbl_StudentRecord.[06FeeStatus] = LUtbl_FeeStatus.FeeStatus
      and tbl_StudentRecord.[06Programme] = IMPtbl_Programmes.Programme
      and Faculty in ('#url.fac#')
      Group by DomicileDesc
      ORDER BY count([06Student]) DESC

      <cfchart chartwidth="700" chartheight="400" url="school/Filter_All_Domicile_Sch.cfm?item=$itemlabel">
      <cfchartseries type="bar" query="Domicile" itemcolumn="DomicileDesc" valuecolumn="stucount" ></cfchartseries>