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    Problems entering text


      I have upgraded from mx2004. I am using a mac w/snow lepard. I am not a new user. But I can't seem to get text added to an image. Here is the deal :


      I click on the text tool in the vector toolbar. The text properties box appears as normal. I go to add the word "Medford" (for example) and when I click on the "M", Instead of getting the letter "M" in the image,  the Marquis tool pops up to replace the text tool. After that, I hit the "e", the eraser tool pops up and so on.


      I just want to add text to an image. This never happened in FW mx2004. It is probably a user setting but I don't know where to go to change this.


      Anybody got an idea ?



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Are you clicking on the image with the text tool before typing? The only way I can reproduce your experience is if I begin typing before clicking on the image after activating the text tool.

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            RoyReynolds Level 1

            Hi Linda,


            Thanks for getting back so fast.


            I click on the text tool, then click on the picture where I want to start placing text. However, there is no indication that when I click on the picture, that anything is activating. From mx 2004 I remember a blue square popping up to let me know that was my text box. Then I added text, changed the color or whatever I wanted to do to manipulate the text.


            Nothing here. It is exactly like you said. As if I was not clicking on the canvas.


            FYI. I've also tried to do this in a blank canvas - separate from the image I am trying to add this too.


            I have shut down and restarted both the fireworks software as well as my mac. Same results.


            I see in the Fireworks menu - under Keyboard shortcuts that the buttons I am pressing ( "M" and "e" are set to do exactly what they are doing. So when I am trying to add the word "Medford " I am activating the keyboard shortcuts to the Marquis tool and the eraser tool. But I can't tell you why. I should be adding the text. It is like the text tool is dead.