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    Linking clips from CS3


      I have copied all CS3 projects from an old PC onto my new PC system with CS5.


      Although each project had everything saved in individual folders for each project.  I was only informed about linking after the system was up and running and linking has so far not been possible.


      I can find projects and get them open if I connect any project from the original (Old PC) drive which is now set up as an external drive. What happens is the project shows that it is:-


      (i) Generating peak files and

      (ii) Loading footage


      After which the project can all be seen albeit some of the titles have become very stretched,


      However it is impossible to save and then re-open the project unless the external drive is connected.  So clearly it is not linking the clips.


      1. Is there any way to overcome this?

      2. I am concerned that any further work carried out on projects if having to be done by connecting the Old PC Drive will always cause problems and in any event I want to abandon(scrap) the old drive in case of failure in favour of having everything on the new system.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you have Copied over ALL Assets from the old Project's location, to a new location, the reason that you are being asked to re-Link is due to either a drive letter, or root folder change between the original location and the new, current one.


          This re-Linking is a one-time operation, and PrPro will help make it easy for you. When it asks, "where is file _____.avi?" you would use the Find function (if you do not know exactly where the Assets are now), and when you navigate to that file, PrPro will look in that folder for any more Assets used in that Project, and automatically re-Link those too. If you have many folders, you will need to navigate to each one, and the re-Linking process will complete, as before. If more Assets are not found - repeat, until you have located them all. When done, do a Save_As, so as to NOT overwrite your original Project file. I try to NEVER overwrite the original, unless I am 100% certain that all is perfect.


          Good luck,




          PS - if you chose an option, such as Ignore, or Off-Line All, and then did a Save, overwriting the original Project file, you have two choices:


          1.) go to one of the AutoSave files (look at Date/Time, as 005 might not be newer than 003), and Open that, doing the semi-auto re-Linking, as outlined above.


          2.) manually re-Link each Asset in the Project Panel

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            jeremy d. Level 3

            However it is impossible to save and then re-open the project unless the external drive is connected.  So clearly it is not linking the clips.


            - If that's here your footage is, then why would you expect to load any  media when that drive is off?


            - If you've already transferred the media to a new drive, then load the project with the external drive off, and do what Hunt says.

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              barrylaymond Level 1

              Many thanks for prompt reply.  Will try this.  Barry

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                barrylaymond Level 1

                Noted.  All data/footage from old PC drives was copied over to the new but footage not found hence problem.  Will ry what Hunt says and hopefully that will resolve.  Thanks for responding.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Let's hope that by helping PrPro re-link the Assets (the Find function can be very helpful), that you get your Project up and running. Remember, do a Save_As, when the linking is done. Especially when something seems a bit "wonky," or I have done major housekeeping, I always make sure to NOT overwrite any original Project files.


                  Good luck, and please report your success,



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                    barrylaymond Level 1



                    The find function was a brilliant idea. Just can't think why I never thought of that!   This helped fiind where most of the clips etc where although a few slipped through the net.


                    However, the projects are not very useable as some of the titles and images are stretched and they  are also very wide and some of the clips play with lines in them.


                    I was using CS3 with a Matrox system and I suspect the problem maybe that my new hardware with CS5 using different capture system (as per my profile) has trouble fully reading correctly the Matrox project settings.  The new system has the Matrox codes loaded otherwise and each individual clip plays 100% through Windows Media Player.  Without those codes the new system would not recognise any clips and it may be just a question of seeing what alternative HD project settings are available and will work.


                    Anyway I am having a weeks holidaty and will start with a fresh mind when I return.


                    I have used the save as option.


                    Kindest regards



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                      Harm Millaard Level 7



                      If you have been in a heavy accident and needed surgery, you are tainted with scars. **** happens...


                      Same with Matrox clips. That accident happened and now you have to live with the scars.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Have you ever thought about telling us how you REALLY feel about Matrox? Considering the number of analogies, maybe a book would be in order.




                        It seems that when Matrox works, people like it. However, there seem to be all sorts of issues, that others face - audio, artifacts, etc., and only some of these get fixed with the belated driver updates. If your material did come through Matrox and the original does not exist, it might be a case of living with those "scars." Otherwise, I'd try without the Matrox, and see if you get pristine Captures.


                        It's rather like:

                        And when she was good, she was very, very good,
                        But when she was bad she was horrid.

                        H W Longfellow.


                        Good luck,



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                          barrylaymond Level 1

                          What do I think about Matrox? 


                          I first used Matrox on an earlier system with Premier Pro some 6/7 years ago and got first class results and no problems other than those within Premier Pro.


                          I then had a new Matrox system built some 3 years ago again with Premier Pro but upgraded to CS3 and again no problems with Matrox.  Just over a year ago I added After Effects CS4 and that also worked fine.  The only annoying thing was that rendering work in After Effects often took all night long and some more and was due to my system limitations and that of running Windows XP.


                          The new system I have just had built uses Windows 7 Professional and I upgraded to Premier Pro CS5 which I understood was a complete re-write and has hopefully snagged out many of the problems with the original and upgraded versions over recent years.


                          Matrox does not seem to have moved yet on to enable it to work on the more advanced processors using 64 bit systems hence no longer using it.  I have saved all the earlier work and it was not recognised by CS5 until the Matrox codes were added and now they can be seen warts and all.  No warts and all existed before, so if anybody is swapping over from Matrox - Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware).  Hopefully I will get the problems solved and can issue an update.


                          For the avoidance of doubt all my new projects will not be done using Matrox as it does not exist on my new system for capture purposes etc so I should benefit from all the advantages of a new more powerful PC and the CS5 suite of programs.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            When they work, are installed on one of their certified systems, and the drivers are up to date for the version of the NLE, many people love them. However, it seems that there can be "danger" lurking really close to the edges of the path. When things so awry, people then hate them.


                            Years ago, I was contemplating a Matrox, as I had experienced good things with my old Matrox graphics card. I began doing the research, and the issues of hardware compatibility kept coming up. Then, users were upset at the lack of driver updates. I looked back, and realized that there had only been one driver update for my G-450 card, and I'd had it for some years. Luckily, that driver was still pushing my NLE and PS, so it was not a deal-breaker. I did make not of the lack of support though.


                            Instead, I went with a more powerful machine, left out the Matrox and lived with some less-than-real-time performance.


                            Good luck,