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    Scaling Backgrounds

    Oli_Wales Level 1

      Hi Does anyone have an insight into how to create a background in a flash movie that will scale in the browser window (to fit and adapt to movement of the window), but where the content of the movie (everything else) stays the same. Essentially, 1 changes whilst the other remains the same. Scale settings in Publish don't quite achieve the results i'm looking for, i suppose ideally they would be 2 separate entities, but i can't layer 2 swf files to achieve this.







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          The best way I can think to do this is to embed your Flash content into an html page and use css and java to force it to scale to the size of the window.


          It looks like that's the way the example you gave does it. Go to that site and go to View > Source to see some of the code used. That should give you a bit of insight into how to do it.


          Hope that helps,


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            Oli_Wales Level 1

            Cheers, yeah i'm able to do that with CSS! But i don't want my flash content to stretch but want the background image to scale to fill whatever the window size.


            The Background image on the website below is actually within Flash, and this scales separately:




            The background image is not repeated, and stretches to fill the window size, whilst the site itself stays the same.