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    AVCHD - Unexplainable audio glitches in Premiere




      I have just upgraded to Premiere CS5 to edit footage from my Panasonic SD700, which is recording 50p video, 5.1 audio. Premiere plays back the footage perfectly, but some, not all, of the audio has little glitches in it, most notable when music is playing in the clip. These sound problems do not appear when the video is played back in the Panasonic programe, HD Writer AE, or Windows Media Player. My sequence in Premiere is set-up as AVCHD 25fps. The footage is 50fps, but seems to playback without a problem on a 25fps timeline. The problem is definitely not with the 50fps, as I converted the clip in HD Writer to 25fps and this still has the same audio glitches in Premiere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Many thanks,