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    Trouble compiling flashbuilder project with sdk 3.*

    TJ Gillis

      Hi everyone,

      I have a series of projects that we have been using Flex3/Flashbuilder to work with, but I've recently been trying to move over to Flashdevelop for most of my development but I have hit a snag with a certain project structure that Flex/FB can handle but FD/mxmlc can't with sdk 3.*


      What I have is something like this:






      The resources in flex is added as a class path to the project and I am embedding images like this: [Embed(source="/wardrobe.png")]


      This all works fine in Flex/FB but FD I get there errors for all my images :


      Error:unable to resolve '/wardrobe.png' for transcoding
      Error:unable  to transcode /wardrobe.png



      This problem don't occur when I'm using the Flex 4 sdk, but for these projects I require 3.2. If anyone has any idea of what these projects won't build and a way to make them work outside of Flex/FB that would be great.