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    [ServerSocket] Unable to bind with TIME_WAIT connections; How to enable reuse-address-enabled?


      I have a ServerSocket class that binds properly.  However, after a first connection connects and disconnects, it remains in TIME_WAIT state.  When I restart the application, it would error out with:


      Error #2002: Operation attempted on invalid socket.


      At this point, I can see via netstat that there's a connection on TIME_WAIT.  After I wait for the TIME_WAIT to disappear, I can start the application with no problem.


      Looking at this (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/LiveCycleDataServicesES/3.1/Developing/WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e 0811f00f7045b-7fc5Update.html), Yes, I know it's unrelated... but seems like FMS has an option to "reuse-address-enabled"


      Which according to definition means:


      (Optional) When set to false disables address reuse by the socket server. This causes the SocketServer to not start when it cannot bind to a port because the port is in a TIME_WAIT state. The default value is true, which allows the socket server to start if the port is in a TIME_WAIT state.


      So, that seems to be the flag I need to enable on my AIR application.  Anyone has any suggestions on how to do that?