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    flex 3 eclipse plugin


      Is it possible to still download the flex 3 eclipse plugin. Whenever I try to download it I always get redirected to the flash builder 4 download page ( which is not what I want).

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          David_F57 Level 5



          The flashbuilder plugin contains both the flex 3 and flex 4 sdk, So you can do what ever you do in FB3 just as easily actually or in most case better with FB4 plugin, I have yet to see a valid argument as to why (a part from people not wanting to pay for the product) there is any need to use a superceded build of a development environment.




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            KristianT135 Level 1

            I am getting a stack of errors with my project in flash builder 4 ( yes I have the sdk set to 3.5). However If I run the project in flex builder then it works fine, however I want it as an eclipse plugin rather than a standalone install.