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    VideoPlayer, FMS, and application instances


      I am trying to playback recorded streams from a Flash Media Interactive Server using the VideoPlayer component in Flex  4/Flash Builder 4.


      If the stream is located in the <serverpath>/streams/vod/_definst_ directory then I can get to it by setting the 'source' parameter of the VideoPlayer to "<server>/vod/streamname" assuming streamname is an .flv file.  If the stream is located in an application directory (e.g. 'app1') in the _definst_ directory (i.e. <serverpath>/app1/streams/_definst_), then I can successfully play it back by setting the 'source' parameter to "<server>/app1/streamname".


      What I can't get to work is when I have a stream recorded to an instance within an application directory.  So if the application is "app1' and the instance name is "inst1" it would be literally located in <serverpath>/app1/streams/inst1 directory.  Setting the source parameter to this "<server>/app1/inst1/streamname" does not work.  It seams to be ignoring the 'inst1' part of the path because the server side log shows '_definst_' as the instance name being run.


      I know this is in part a Flash Media Server question, but manually writing a video player works.  I would just like to get the Flex 4 VideoPlayer component to play the video.


      Thanks for any help.