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    Premiere Pro sync to After Effects - CS5


      Hi guys,


           Another question for ya.


      We have done the basic editing in Premiere Pro.  We want to do the effects rendering over multiple machines in after effects.  Here's what we tried:


      1.     Basic editing done in Premiere Pro.

      2.     We have imported the Premiere project in After Effects.  From there, we are adding adjustment layers to the footage for Looks (Magic Bullet), lighting and so on.

      3.     We rendered out a PNG sequence in After Effects with all the color correction and so on.  After putting the PNG sequence back together as an AVI file and importing back into Premiere Pro, we are having audio sync issues.


      I don't get it.  The imported project has all the correct composition settings correct in After Effects.  We are dropping the completed footage in exactly the same place but the audio is off at the end.  It's fine at the beginning.  Huh?


      Just learning this stuff to get a pipeline going for effects.


      There's also Dynamic Link between the 2 apps but not sure after looking at the documentation that it will work.


      Any suggestions?


      As always, thanks for everyone's time.



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          j-friedrich Level 1

          Hi guys,


               Here is an update....


          We changed the method for replacing footage in Premiere Pro.  Instead of opening the Premiere Pro project in After Effects, we clicked on the footage in Premiere Pro and selected 'replace with after effects composition'.  So far so good on the audio sync issue.  However, if anyone has some ideas on the next step for render time, let us know.  Here is the situation:


          1.  We applied all the effects in After effects and did a multi-machine render to a PNG sequence.

          2.  The sequence shows up fine in Premiere.  However, the 'render entire work area' in Premiere now takes an "ENORMOUS" time to put the PNG sequence back together.  It's much faster to assemble in After Effects...So, what we gained in render time After effects is now lost on Premiere putting the sequence together.


          So, given that, how do we put / change the imported footage in Premiere back into After effects to let After effects do the PNG sequnce assembly into an AVI file?