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    "hiss" in narration file - denoiser?

    fishmor Level 1

      I narrated a few audio clips and have a background hiss in all of them - tried a different mic and just got a different hiss - I applied the denoiser as it is (not customized) to the clips and cannot detect much difference in playback - what is the proper procedure?  Thanks, Eric

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried changing the settings in the Denoiser? It can't work miracles -- but, at different settings, it can minimize hiss.


          If that doesn't do it, it's hard to say. It's probably better to re-record the narration and nip the hiss problem in the bud.


          To do that, you've got to find out what's causing the hiss. It could be the quality of your microphone or your sound card. It could be feedback from your speakers. It could be that you've got your computer's sound settings set so that you're recording from the microphone AND from another source at the same time accidentally.


          It's hard to say without knowing your set-up.


          You may also want to check in with the sound experts on the Community forum of http://Muvipix.com. Usually if there's an answer for this kind of technical issue, one of them will know it.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            In short, Denoiser is used for "tape hiss" elimination, and works in a pretty well-defined frequency range. As Steve says, there are adjustments, and you might be fortunate enough to have your hiss appear within the range addressed.


            If the adjustments cannot help much, I would recommend that you look into an inexpensive little program from Magix, Audio Cleaning Lab. I got it bundled with another Magix program, and though that it was a "toy," but installed it anyway. Then one day, after fighting some noise (many different frequencies) in Audition, Adobe's pro-level audio-editor, in frustration, I fed the file into Audio Cleaning Lab, using the default settings, and was amazed at how well it performed. I went back to the original file, fed that into ACL and then fed that result into Audition, to tweak with some high-level tools. Almost perfect, especially considering such an imperfect piece of audio. I was sold instantly.


            I do agree with Steve, that recording the best possible audio file is job 1, and should never be overlooked, sometimes we end up with files that cannot be re-recorded. I also have a few tips in this ARTICLE, that might prove useful.


            Good luck,



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              P_Forrest Level 1

              Thanks a million Hunt for the audio tip(s)!!!


              You are truly the man of the hour!    Well, I'm sure you can use your audio denoiser tools to get rid of the "tick, tock" while being the man of the hour!      hehe


              I will buy that Magix software this week. 





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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I would never have bought that little program, but it came bundled with some other Magix product. It amazed me, so it has earned a place in my workflow with problem audio. Hope that things work out well.


                Good luck,



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                  fishmor Level 1

                  Thanks guys, I turned the denoiser up to -8 db and it basically took it right out - Eric

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Great news. Obviously, the hiss was at the right frequency! Nice when that happens.


                    Thanks for reporting success,