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    Downloads painfully slow




      Last week I went to download some copies of Acrobat Standard through the Adobe store. The average download speed was about 40kB/s.


      This week I'm downloading Adobe CS5 Design Standard and getting similar speeds. The file is nearly 3GB and I'm using a ADSL 2+ connection. The average download speed I get via most websites is more around the 250kB/s + mark. I guess I'll just leave my work computer on overnight so it's finished before I start tomorrow but this is absurd.


      Can Adobe explain the painfully slow connection?






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          serviceskillsvictoria Level 1

          Gee fantastic, now after the download took nearly 6 hours to complete I've tried opening the file only to get this:


          "A problem occured while extracting the archive. Please try downloading the Adobe CS5 Design Premium again."


          Why am I not surprised in the slightest?

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            serviceskillsvictoria Level 1

            Now I'm downloading the trial version from the website (instead of following the link in the email after I had recieved my license) and it's downloading a whole lot faster.


            Funny how people that are looking to become paying customers seem to get speedy downloads whilst those that have already paid are directed to an inferior link.

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              serviceskillsvictoria Level 1

              To add to the complete load of crap that is trying to use software you've purchased from Adobe, I've now found that the trial version of Acrobat 9 won't work with the serial number provided for Volume Licences.


              Whilst on the phone to Adobe reps I was told it also wouldn't work with the rest of the Design Suite package, that however is completely false as it worked fine.


              Explain to me again why it takes approximately 9 hours to download the Volume Licencing version of Acrobat Professional 9 but less than an hour to download the regular version? And why can't I just validate the regular version with the volume licence key?


              Also why is there still no response from anyone on this topic?


              Is Adobe just trying to confirm it's abysmal level of support? Don't worry you've all done a fantastic job on that front.

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                serviceskillsvictoria Level 1

                "We have started an initiative to improve the user experience and  reliability of our product downloads. While in the process of  implementing these new programs, we are setting the two forums below as  means to communicate to our customers and solicit their feedback."


                Well you're doing a fantastic job on this front Adobe. My experiance has been absolutely mind boggingly simple and pleasurable. Every word of your feedback since my original post 4 days ago has been helpful, insightful and made me feel valued as a customer.


                Honestly, something is wrong with your business model when pirating the entire CS5 Master Suite Package from the Pirate Bay is easier than using software I've paid for.


                I've been on the phone twice to your customer service. Both times I was transferred more than once to a different department with someone else that was as clueless and unhelpful as the person I spoke to before. Each time I was forced to repeat my details and problems to each person I spoke to (or when I refused because I'd had enough, I had to confirm my details as they read them to me again). I've put 4 posts here over 4 days, none of them particulary friendly because frankly this service is rubbish.

                I can jump on to The Pirate Bay and download a full working copy of your software from them for nothing and the other users will offer me more assistance with getting it running than you do.


                Also, just so you do know, whilst I've gotten the rest of the CS5 package to work [by downloading the trail version at 1.5mb p/s compared to the 40kb p/s that I get from the Licencing Website (LWS)] I'm still yet to have the 1.1GB download of Acrobat Professional 9 work. The download takes about 9 hours and the last time I tried it crapped out after about 8. Which is really helpful!

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                  Yeah. Adobe just really sucks.

                  IMHO they are a much worse Company than Microsoft, althou hard to believe.


                  Also hard to believe, that tha Company providing servertechnilogies have the worst servers ever seen.

                  Strange isn't it !?


                  But true.


                  Hopefulle there will soon come an alternative to Adobe. Adobe is  sooooo unspeakably annoying !!!!!!


                  I HATE Adbobe to the guts !!!!!!