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    Fusion chart series




      Here is my problem !


      I'm charting (columnseries) the production of agent with for horizontal axis : the name of agent and vertical axis their production.

      I have set at the same time "a critical area" (areaseries) and my problem is in the display.


      The width of the column is divided by two (consequence to have two series even if my horizontal axis' values are same, i guess...) and i would like to "fusion" the both series for having the total width of my column and make a trransparent effect on my areaseries.

      I have tried to fix it by inserting an other axis but i didn't figure out my problem.


      Could you help me ?


      Thanks !!!

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          Well first you create your areaserie as a child of your ColumnChart, then you give it a columnset with a stacked type and finally you set the chart's type attribute to overlaid.

          If you need to show more than one column, make ColumnChart's type set from overlaid to clustered.

          This is the best workaround i've found.

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