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    Remote method invocation not working. Expected argument type not matching. How to solve this?


      The following is the error I got,


      faultCode:Server.ResourceUnavailable faultString:'Cannot invoke method 'createUser'.' faultDetail:'The expected argument types are (com.persistence.beans.User) but the supplied types were (flex.messaging.io.amf.ASObject) and converted to (null).'


      Here I have 3 mxml files(A.mxml, B.mxml and C.mxml) and a java class (User.java). Mxmls A and B are application pages and C is a popup title window page. The work flow is like; A is the main file, B is called from A and from both A and B popup C can be called. The popup C contains a remote call to java to create a user - 'createUser'. The issue is that; when popup called from main page A.mxml the create user remote call is correctly working, but when popup is called from B.mxml the remote call is throwing the above mentioned error.


      A.mxml -> C.mxml                   -- working

      A.mxml -> B.mxml -> C.mxml   -- not working


      My doubt is that why the same popup is behaving differently when called from different pages? How to solve this issue?


      Any potential fix will be really helpful. Thanks in advance.