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    dng and CR2 files display as icons in CS5


      Now I have installed CS5 on three machines - a new installation on WIN7, and here everything is alright - no problem!


      Two machines running XP wth a previous CS4 installation uninstalled show up in Bridge with this problem:


      dng and CR2 files display as icons!!


      Everything is updated, ACR plugin placed as should be, and Camera RAW is working fine when OPENING the file. It is only a display problem, but this is serious enough - you cannot go through your downloaded pictures.


      I have tried to follow a solution close to the one given for CS4:




      but I am out of luck.


      Is it an XP problem, or has it something to do with the previous installation of CS4?


      Any suggestions will be great! I have searced, read, tried, searched, tried.... some share this problem, but I haven't seen any soloution.


      Thanks, Jan

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Disclaimer:  The following applies to WINDOWS EXPLORER.  I don't use Bridge so I don't know if it's applicable at all to Bridge.


          Adobe does not provide a codec for viewing Canon raw files as thumbnails.  Canon has one for free but it only works on a 32 bit Windows system.


          Early this year I found a free download for displaying raw file thumbnails that works on an x64 Windows system.  Since that time the author realized there's a real demand for this software and has started charging for it.  In any case, I find it works very well.