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    How to display date(instead of number) along y Axis of column chart?

    megharajdeepak Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a requirement wherein, I have to display date on y Axis and projects along x axis. This is basically a milestone chart. Something like this:




      here's my code:

      <mx:ArrayCollection id="acProjects">
              <mx:Object projId="A1" projDesc="Execution of Civil Work" plandate="2009-12-23" actualdate="2009-11-25"/>
              <mx:Object projId="A2" projDesc="Installation of Equipment" plandate="2010-02-15" actualdate="2010-03-25"/>
              <mx:Object projId="A3" projDesc="Comissioning of Equipment" plandate="2010-05-30" actualdate="2010-06-15"/>
              <mx:Object projId="A4" projDesc="Handover to regular use" plandate="2010-04-23" actualdate="2009-03-30"/>


      <mx:ColumnChart id="columnchart1" width="100%" height="100%" color="black" dataProvider="{acProjects}">
                      <mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="projDesc"/>
                      <mx:ColumnSeries displayName="Planned Date"  xField="projDesc" yField="plandate"/>


      But with that code i get something like this:







      Generally, by default, the Y axis is always numbered. Is there a way where we can change it to display date?


      Appreciate your help...