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    3 questions...about website design in fireworks


      The first question is:


      I am almost done with creating my personal website in fireworks. I can not seem to figure out how to link an "email" word to my email address. For example "You can "email" me. Hence, the "email" would contain my email address and that inquiry would be forwarded to my primary email address. How do you go about doing that? Any help is appreciated.



      The second question is:


      How does one go about creating a rollover effect over a button, but not with a graphic, simply a color change or for example when one goes over a button with their mouse the button simply has the effect of being clicked (button has the effect of being pressed)? Any help is appreciated.


      The third question is:


      I would like to create a slideshow which I know is under "commands" menu. However, I would like to add my portfolio to my website so when someone goes over the picture the picture enlarges or when someone clicks the picture it enlarges...any help is appreciated.