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    Automation for DataGrid in SDK 3.5

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      I am writing an automation agent for Flex (record and playback agent).

      I have successfully written record and plaback code for most components including TextInput,Button,VSlider,HSlider,CheckBox,ColorPicker,ComboBox, DateChooser, DateField,LinkButton,NumericStepper,PopUpButton,RadioButton,RichTextEditor,TextArea and Tree.


      For DataGrid, I am stuck.For example I am trying to set table cell data.For this I have rowIndex,ColumnIndex, textToBeSet as input arguments(args). For this I am doing the following:




      rowIndex:int = parseInt(args[0].toString());


      var colIndex:int = parseInt(args[1].toString());



      inputString:String = args[2].toString();



      columnName:String = perform(autmObject,"gettablecolumnname",colIndex);//********custom function

      //**********that returns a column name given columnIndex. AutmObject is the current IAutomationObject, DataGrid in this case



      part:AutomationIDPart = new AutomationIDPart();


      var text:String = columnName + ":" + rowIndex.toString();

      part.automationIndex = text;


      var aObjectArray:Array = automationManager.resolveIDPart(autmObject, part);



      delegate:IAutomationObject = (aObjectArray[0] as IAutomationObject);


      if (delegate)



      var rid:AutomationID = automationManager.createID(delegate);


      var textObject:IAutomationObject = automationManager.resolveIDToSingleObject(rid);//basically similar to delegate


      new TextEvent(TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT,false,false,inputString);// ********actually I tried using creating

      // ***********an event("flash.events.TextEvent") and object(autmObject) and then populate the event["text"] and pass it to

      // **********automationManager.replayAutomatableEvent(repEvent) where repEvent:AutomationReplayEvent = new AutomationReplayEvent();

      //***********the same as in AutoQuick,but it boils down to the same line of code.



      But when I execute textObject.replayAutomatableEvent(new TextEvent(TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT,false,false,inputString), nothing happens, but it returns true.


      Can someone from the automation team please help me out?