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    "Save As PDF" does not work correctly

    An_F Level 1

      We are creating documents in FrameMaker which should be printed.

      The versions which are used for corrections do have the normal DIN A5 or DIN A5 size.

      The final PDFs which are used for printing do have a trimming of about 3 mm on each side.


      Problem is: If I use the "Save as PDF" function on a book instead of just a single document, then FrameMaker is not automatically adjusting all the documents to the size which is entered.

      Instead it uses the size which is used when the PDF of a single file was generated via "print".

      And not just that...

      The pages which have an incorrect size are also re-adjusted. Meaning: The page does have the 3mm trimming on the left side and also on the top.

      But on the right side and the button 3mm of the page are missing.


      This needs to be fixed!