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    Sending data opens new window

    shurleynova Level 1
      Ok , since like 90% of people are using IE6 this is annoying. I have data that needs to be sent to an ASP page after the movie has finished. No problems there it runs, posts the data the asp gets the data everyone is happy. However when Flash POSTS the form data it opens a new window, or at least it tries to. It keeps getting blocked by the built in pop-up blocker in IE6 and IE7, tests also indicate that the AOL, Google, and Yahoo toolbars also block it.

      So I want to open the page it is posting the data to in the same window as the flash but when I tell it to open _self, _parent, or even _top it still opens in a new window. Is there something I am missing.

      this is the line that sends the data.


      any help would be appreciated