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    Need some help designing..




      I am looking to design and add an interactive flash part to our company's website.

      Since we do a lot of business planning and consulting, we have come up with a great idea, but unfortunately, none of us really know how to create it.


      Basically from what I have researched, I will need to incorporate animated buttons in a flash movie. I have attached a quick sketch of what the website will look like. The part I need help with is the middle section with the boxes.




      What I need to do is this:

      The 5 gray boxes need to be buttons that link to their related pages. (easy)

      When the page loads, I want the animation to draw the first box, create the line, draw the second box, draw the next line, etc. until all the boxes and lines are drawn.

      This is a process map and since we do a lot of these for our work, we thought it would be nice for us to incorporate this into our website.

      Furthermore, it would be ideal if these boxes were links to different pages on the site as well.


      So my question is this:

      -What do I need to create in order to have this animation work

      -Where is a good place to start looking in regards to creating something like this

      -Is this even possible


      Thank you in advance,