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    Windows 7/CS4


      Hello all,


      The computer lab where I have been teaching Fireworks CS4 upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise (32bit).  I'm running CS4 under Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (Fireworks in compatibility mode on that system.)  All systems have had the update installed and are showing as the version.  All systems have at least 4GB RAM.


      In all cases, I'm having serious issues with the CS4 programs.  Example of problems with Fireworks: When attempting to use the Dodge or Burn tool it is impossible to change the Property Inspector option (Midtones, Shadows, Highlights).  Clicking just doesn't "take".  If, however, I click on an option, then click on the Select tool, THEN go back to the Dodge or Burn tool, the option I tried to change to is the one showing in the PI.   Some computers also experience intermittent crashes (an internal has occurred).  On one system, Fireworks crashed over 20 times in one class period.  Since this does not occur on all systems, I'm willing to chalk that up to a possible hardware issue, but the tools not working properly happen on ALL the Windows 7 systems mentioned above.


      I have read that CS5 "fixes" a bunch of issues.  If that is so, is there a patch expected for CS4?  The school just upgraded to CS4 in December, and with the budget crunch, CS5 is a long ways in the future.


      I have not tried to run CS4 in Windows XP virtual mode on Windows 7.  Has anybody else tried that, and did it help?


      My students are not feeling good about Adobe right now. I've spent about 10 hours researching these issues, so if I've missed  an obvious link, or if anyone has experience to share, I'd greatly  appreciate it.



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Hi Sarah:


          There was a recent patch released for FW CS4, but only for the Mac. I've been using CS5 on Mac (mostly) and PC (occasionally) and it's behaving far far better than CS4 on both platforms. A lot of the development time in the new version was spent of fixing issues, as well as adding some nice features.


          At one of the colleges where I teach, I'm using CS4 on XP 64 bit systems and I get oddball behavior from both Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Not enough for me to throw in the towel (although LAST week I came close lol), but it is frustrating.


          See if you can get the IT department to install this little AIR app. It's an auto backup for Fireworks and works quite well:


          http://www.adobe.ca/cfusion/marketplace/index.cfm?event=marketplace.offering&categoryid=7& num=50&publisherid=10185&marketplaceid=1&offeringid=10210


          It won't stop the crashing, but may save a lot of frustration.

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            sam_m Level 1

            Thank you, Jim, for the quick response.  The system requirements  for the AIR app you recommended state "Use with Adobe Fireworks CS5". But you are recommending this for CS4, too, correct?  (BTW, my students always have access to your latest book(s) and links to your tutorials.  We appreciate you.)


            The fortunate thing for my students is that they ARE buying CS5, and all of them this semester still have Windows XP or Mac.  The unfortunate thing is that even at the wonderful academic pricing, these programs are an investment for students.  My support for the Adobe suites is causing my credibility to take quite a hit, as they do not have the 11 years of experience I do with the software, and their expectations based upon the price are quite high.


            Am still interested in any other suggestions for how people are working with CS4 and Win7 (or even VISTA, as it apparently has some of the same issues.)


            Thanks again,


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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Yes it works with both. I believe it was recently updated to be compatible with CS5. The utitlity has been around for more than a year.


              I'm so happy to hear you and your students find my work helpful in class! Thank you!


              My main use of CS5 has been with Fireworks, and it's a huge step up from CS4. I use Dreamweaver and Photoshop as well. Other than finding Dreamweaver a little sluggish at times, I haven't had any other issues with it. But I don't use it nearly as much as I use Fireworks.


              Adobe products are a main stream, industry standard set of products. Are there problems? Sure. Any software has issues IMO. But these products are the ones that employers tend to ask for/expect in terms of employee experience. If your students are freelancing, clients don't care what they use to get the job done, so long as it DOES get done and meets the expectations of the client. But full time employers will want to know they are comfortable with the software used by that company, and in many cases, that means Adobe products.


              You didn't write the software, so your credibility should not be affected, and if your students are acting that way, shame on them.


              Perhaps talk with your IT department and get them to do some testing - see where/when the failures occur. It might not just be Adobe software at fault - it could be drivers, hardware, even other software. There's an excellent chance that doing some testing could improve stability.


              The only other answer (not necessarily a bad one depending on student finances) is to look for individual products that do the required job. There are lots of web page editors out there, many graphics apps. They may (or may not) have the same feature set as the Adobe product line, but they may be a more affordable alternative at least in the beginning. But as I said, employers tend to have an expectation that employees will be comfortable with main stream products.


              Good luck. :-)