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    How to edit a pdf file?




      I'm certainly a new Acrobat user so have a problem which many will think funny.

      I started making a ebook in adobe acrobat 9 pro extended but now after saving it,i don't know how to again edit it....as i have not completed it....please tell me how to do it.....

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          PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

          You want to go to the source program you first edited and authored the file in and create a fresh new PDF from that file. You should always save a current copy of the program file which you authored the PDF file in. Acrobat is not really intended for creating content as such. You can do quick edits in Acrobat by setting up the Touch-up preferences, Preferences>General>Touch up, These should point to the programs you use to edit PDF content, in my case the Object editor is Illustrator and Image editor is Photoshop. Now if you select the touch up object tool and the click on the object(s) you want to edit selecting them, then right click to get the contextual menu and select, Edit Object, Acrobat will create a temp file and open it in the program which you selected in preferences. Do the edit and close the temp file, Acrobat uses the temp file to update the open Acrobat PDF file you were working on.


          Hope this helps

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            Level 1

            You can load the expored PDF file to Adobe Acrobat Pro for editing, It would be OK. From my experience, I like to use Word to edit my contents and after finishing that work, I would save Word as PDF using Cute PDF Writer or Office 2007 add-in. If I found some mistakes need to modified in the PDF format, I would edit the contents in the original word process and then save it as PDF again, and again. Actually I don't like to use Acrobat for creating ebook. It is not easy to learn well. I just use it to edit some details when I don't want to save all again. Of course, different guy has his own way. There is another way, known as the article How to edit PDF text , you would take it for reference

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              I am looking for the answer  to the question How do I  edit   the locked file?

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                PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                You would be best served to post your question as a new post and not hijack this posting. As for editing locked files. There may be a reason the creator locked the file, they don't want you to edit or use this content. You could ask the creator to send you an unlocked version of the PDF. Other than that I don't think you will get a lot of response on this forum to help you edit content in an intentionally locked PDF.

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                  erik244 Level 1

                  PDF file is mainly invented to ensure mainly privacy concerns of any document. Using PDF document one can prevent any third party to make any alterations to your documents. But sometimes it happens that you come across a document and that document needs some kind modification or something but you can’t do it for the reason that it is protected or encrypted or a PDF document and thus you need a PDF file editor to make changes to any document according to your wish.

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                    try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    PDF file is mainly invented to ensure mainly privacy concerns of any document.

                    Not really. PDF files were mainly invented to allow portability between platforms, ensuring that the file will look and behave the same on any platform it is opened. It's right in the name...