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    Multiple text boxes on slide not advancing properly


      First let me say that this is my very first post - ever - anywhere.  I don't even know if I'm 'posting' correctly, so please forgive me if I'm doing this wrong.  I am brand new to Captivate (1 week), but am already under a work deadline to produce a CBL.  I have built a very simple CBL and it works fine except for 1 problem.  My CBL moves forward on its own, but if the user decides to click the 'forward' button on the navigation bar, it advances to the next slide instead of displaying the next text box within the current slide.  I want to keep the navigation bar for those who read more quickly than others, this way they can advance the CBL at their own pace.  For example, I have a slide with 3 text boxes.  Each text box needs to be read in order.  The first box appears and after so many seconds the first box disappears and the second box appears.  Then the second box stays for so many seconds and disappears and the third box appears for so many seconds and then it advances to the next slide.  However, after it's published, the first box appears and if you click the 'forward' button then it goes to the next slide (not the second text box on the current slide).  I know there must be an easy solution to this and if I had the time to read more tutorials before my deadline, I'm sure it's listed in one of them.  I would appreciate any help you can give me and again, I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong section or did not post this correctly.  Thanks so much!

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          Welcome on the forum.


          The Next button on the playbar will always go to the next slide (or the previous slide for the Previous button).


          If you really want a simple solution: put only one Text Caption per slide, time the slide for the duration of reading that Text Caption. To simulate your present situation, if you have 3 Text captions, put the first one on slide 1, copy it to slide 2 and add the second Text caption, etc. The 'quick' readers can use the button on the playbar to advance but they will be able to see all the Text Captions. Do hope this explanation makes sense: you are really splitting up your unique slide with 3 Text Captions in 3 slides.



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            Hello Lilybiri,


            Thank you for such a quick response.


            I had originally put 1 text box per slide, but my CBL is so large (over 100 slides) that I was hoping there was another way than putting 1 text box on each slide.  Everything that I've read in the forum (so far) says the most slides a CBL should contain needs to be between 50-65 slides, and this would increase my slides to 150+.  Even if the way to do this isn't so 'easy' - I would be glad to follow step-by-step instructions.   Thank you again for your response!