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    Lightroom crashes under VISTA

    L. Hagen Level 1



      as already posted in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/661385 Lightroom crashes under VISTA.


      I made some further tests and more general tests. It seems so that the access violation only happens under Windows VISTA (latest SP with all patches). Under MacOS 10.6.3-4 I never could see such behaviour.


      The big problem is, that it doen't crash every time but only in 8/10 trials. I wrote some testing routines to recreate the crashes. How do they look like:


      for the ExportServiceProvider I created a button in the sectionsForTopOfDialog, like seen below:


         f:row {

           action = function()
               LrTasks.startAsyncTask( function()


      the called "test" function runs some commands to create collections or collection sets, e.g.:



      function exportServiceProvider.test( )

      local catalog = import 'LrApplication'.activeCatalog()

      local albums = ZenphotoAPI.getAlbums() -- receive a table from remote with names, id and url for the collections from a web service


      local publishServices = catalog:getPublishServices( _PLUGIN.id )
      local publishService = publishServices[1]

        for i, album in pairs ( albums ) do
         info("add album: -" .. tostring(album.name) .. "-")


         if not publishServiceExtention.collectionNameExists(publishService, album.name) then
          catalog:withWriteAccessDo( "create album", function()
           pubCollection = publishService:createPublishedCollection( album.name, nil, true )
           pubCollection:setRemoteId( album.id )
           pubCollection:setRemoteUrl( album.url )
          LrDialogs.message('Album '..album.name..' already exists', 'This album is not created in Lightroom. Albumnames must be unique.','info')



      It seems so, that the "crash" or "no crash" depends on the overall runtime of the function. When the remote call takes a bit longer e.g. 1min then it crashes by 100%. Is the function running 10sec only, then the chance to survive is pretty high.


      Furthermore, the crash (access violation) happens when the function has been exited and the user is closing the Publish Manager dialog (cancel or save button).


      The crash only happens when calling the function "test" below from inside of the Publishing Manager (sectionsForTopOfDialog). When I made the push_button as part of the edit dialog it never crashes.


      Please can somebody confirm this problem and please can you put it on your bug list?


      Thanks and regards,