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    Scripting for Calculation Field



      I am new to scripting and need help with what is probably a basic script to some but confusing to me.


      I have three fields on my form:

      A = text field, formatted as number, allowing user to input $ amount

      B = drop down field, options are "12", "24" or "Other".

      C =


      I want C to do the following:

      1.  Calculate the product of A * B if B is 12 or 24.

      2.  If B is Other, I want C to allow the user to enter in a dollar amount.





      $500 per month x 12 = $6,000

      A                         B    C (calculation)


      $500 per month x Other = $1,000

      A                        B          C (manually input)



      Is this possible and if so, how can I do this?