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    Exporting to H.264 (Premiere Elements 7)

    davelalande Level 1

      We do radio programs that are ~9 minutes or a little longer.  We shoot these on a Sony camcorder in HD format, 1440.  I take these videos and pitch the original audio and syncing the video with an mp3 file the radio stations provide me.  My problem is that when I export the finished product, they are slightly over 2GB and therefore YouTube won't take them.  I am trying to find a file format that is still HD but stays under 2GB.  The only way I can see to create a H.264 file is using the share feature, not the export function.


      I want to look at the file sizes before I manually upload to YouTube.  If YouTube would allow for 2.25GB, I would be okay.  I have tried all the file formats allowing for an HD formats within the File>Export and they are all slightly over 2GB for ~9 minutes.


      Is there a way to export to a H.264 file on a local disk?  Is there a filter I can download that would empower my File>Export to do H.264 exports?