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    Font substitution question


      Hi all,


      I have a font question. I am updating Illustrator files that were created on a different machines throughout the department. When I open a file, it says that I'm missing a font. This makes sense, because although I have the same font, it has a different name on my computer.


      Here's my issue: when I select the text with the font that needs to be changed to the one that's resident on my computer, change it to "my" version, and then save the file, the next time I open the file it gives me the same message. This happens regardless of whether I save the file to my HD or the server. Can I make it so that it doesn't always ask for that other font? So that it associates the font on my machine as the correct one? The text blocks with the "missing font" are always small little bits that I have to seek out and manually change every time I open the file... it gets tedious, and affects accuracy.


      I am using Mac OS10.6.4, the files are created in either AICS3 (running OS10.5.8) or AICS5, but this happens whether I open them in CS3 or CS5. I use Font Explorer Pro, the other machines have no font manager, which is why I like to work on my machine. (FEX hasn't released auto activation plugins yet for CS5, btw. They tell me they're working on it.)


      Anyway, thoughts and suggestions are welcome.