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    Usage Options for setting Default Digital IDs

    fcrussell Level 1


      To select a default digital ID  file in Acrobat or Reader:
           1. Choose Advanced (Acrobat) or Documents (Reader)  > Security Settings.
           2. Select Digital IDs in the left-hand tree.
           3. Highlight an ID in the list on the right.
          4. Choose Usage Options. A  drop-down list appears.


      The Usage Options drop-down list should show 5 choices as  follows:


          Use for Signing,
          Use  for Certifying,
          Use for  Encryption,
          Manage Attribute  Certificates, and


      The Usage Options on my installation of  Acrobat or Reader shows only 3 choices as follows:


          Use for  Signing,
          Manage Attribute  Certificates, and


      I know there must be something simple but I've  tried any and everything I can think of to correct this problem. I want  to be able to set a digital ID as the default for Encryptions but it  doesn't seem to be an option.