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    <cfprint> and <cfdocument>

    SherlockTicklesquire Level 1

      Server: Win 2003 R2 SP 2, ColdFusion 9,0,0,251028.


      Scenario: I have a <cfthread> wherein 40-80 PDFs are sent to a printer via <cfprint>; this may require almost 2 hours.  During this time, a different application may execute a few <cfdocument> tags to create PDFs, which are written the file system.  Issue is that the <cfdocument> tags fail to execute while the <cfthread> is running.


      I do see jrun.exe consumes a solid 50% of CPU while the <cfthread> is running.  However, I don't know if it's the somewhat high CPU utilization causing the <cfdocument> failures or if there's a conflict between <cfprint> and <cfdocument> inside the thread.


      Any thoughts/experiences?  Thanks.