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    e-mail and click to view quote

    cybertek23 Level 1


      We have a site which generates conveyancing quotes. We are trying to do the site so that when the user submits the form it e-mails them to click to verify. When they click this it will show there quotes. What is the best way of doing this as i am unsure.  thanks

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          Put an anchor tag in the email.  Make sure it has the necessary url variables.

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            I'd do this as follows:


            1. Submit form and create a UUID (i.e. a unique reference to the quote) and store the quote ID against it
            2. Send email with link back to your site, with UUID in the URL
            3. Confirm when link is pressed that you have a matching UUID, if so display the quote, otherwise an error


            This is better than having a link with raw database IDs in it, and no-one can guess the ID of a quote if they figure out your URL - the UUID offers a layer of security


            You can get more sophisticated than this if you for example hash values rather than using a UUID, but these are the basics.


            Hope that helps!